The Phuntsok Wangdu Campaign

Join our campaign on behalf of one specific political prisoner at the Tibet Autonomous Region Prison.

He has been held for 14 years on 'Suspicion' charges of espionage and splittist activity. No reason has been given to him for his arrest and no details have been provided as to the nature of his alleged charges. He is now 29 years old and is due for release in 2011.

We are writing letters in Chinese to enquire as to the nature of his alleged crimes and to ask for his immediate compassionate release. To join this campaign is it necessary first to find a sympathetic Chinese friend who will help you. Letters written in English rarely (if ever) receive replies.

Click here for The Phuntsok Wangdu Campaign.

How You Can Help The Cause

To be able to hire professionals who can send legal letter, makes the phone calls and spend the time fighting for the good cause funds are needed.

This is where you can help. Using one of the coupons on the homepage you will help provide much needed money that can be used in a positive way. We hope you shop online using one of theses codes in order to help the cause stay strong financially.