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Do you know your MP or Euro-MP? Have you met them? What are their views on Tibet and on non-violence?

You can find out who your MP is by visiting 

Would you visit your MP and your Euro MP to discuss your concern/interest/rage about the British government's apparent lack of commitment to Tibet's Non-violent stance their lack of support for the Tibetan government-in-exile?

(Letters to MPs receive the response that the British government is 'very concerned' about human rights abuses in Tibet and that they raise the issue with the Chinese Government at every possible opportunity.  In practice the Dalai Lama had been ignored for 50 years.  Many young Tibetans now believe that he should resort to voilence)

We want you to visit your MP to talk with them.  Ask your MP...

1.  What is their stance on the war against terror?  Whether or not they agree that it was necessary to remove Saddam with arms, do they believe that non-violent dialogue is a better way forward?  

Does s/he believe that the Dalai Lama deserves international support for his refusal to resort to violende to achieve his country's freedom?  

Will they support this belief with action?

2. Ask your MP/Euro-MP how you can make it easier for them to take action for Tibet. Push for more than an expression of concern, we need to see positive action. Ask what s/he would suggest as a good next step for you and for him/her to take.  Would s/he be prepared to join the cross party group on Tibet in the House of Commons?  What action can they suggest?

3. Make sure your meeting is a friendly one. Be polite, persistent and ensure that you've got your facts straight. Don't exaggerate - the facts about Tibet are bad enough to speak for themselves.

4. Ask what the government's policy is on Tibet and ask for precise details of government action to support Tibet and improve the human rights situation.

5. Ask about forthcoming opportunities for your MP/Euro-MP to raise the issue of Tibet and call for action.

Pushing the message home

Your MP/Euro-MP may be more likely to take action if you give him/her a reminder of your visit or involve him/her in your campaigning; you could present him/her with a photo of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, informing him/her at the same time that such a gift could get you both arrested in Tibet.

Take along a copy of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's autobiography.

Follow up your visit with a letter.  Keep in touch with news and questions.

And when you've done all this then visit them again...

Post your results, suggestions, successes and evaluation on the Actions Noticeboard here.  And you may like to send copies of replies you receive to correspondence to the representative of the Dalai Lama for Northern Europe  at the London office -

Mrs K.  Takla
Tibet House
1 Culworth Street

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