“As the elected Kalon Tripa of the Tibetan Government in Exile I commend Act for Tibet. We are delighted that they support the Dalai Lama and our Government’s policy of working to highlight the plight of the Tibetan people and our hope of opening negotiations with the Chinese government to create genuine self rule for Tibet and I wish you every success.”

Yours sincerely,
Samdhong Ronpoche
Kalon Tripa.

(Prime Minister of the Tibetan Government in Exile)



"I proudly tell people that I am the only one released without trial by the
Beijing government because of international pressure. The PSB (police)
discovered ample evidence that could have easily got me 10 to 15 years of
imprisonment, if not 20 years.

The whole purpose of the Act for Tibet website is encouraging and
challenging. Lobbying the UK government is a very tricky exercise, as I see
it. UK parliament has a Tibet lobby group although they were not forceful
and united in 1996 (when I was detained). If you could do effective
lobbying, parliament have to heed your voices, that means the UK government
have to respond to concerns about the Tibet issue; basic human rights. The
task is laborious, strenuous and relentless.

What I think Tibet needs is freedom to exercise basic human rights as
endorsed in Beijing Law. At present Beijing Law is not implemented in Tibet
in total, rather Chinese authorities manipulate their own law that appears
as a law. This double standard is the poisonous tool that tortures the
Tibetans most. Because of this obscure standard, no one is definite about
tomorrow ... Under such circumstances, no one feels safe, in any sense. ...

Then, Beijing does not respect Tibetan culture. ... This point should be
lobbied on, it is very obvious and rational issue.

Official works are conducted in Chinese, why? Beijing Constitution
emphasises to use local languages in minority areas and prefectures.

Development issue is very difficult to define in Tibet. For instance, the
broad roads, several concrete buildings and big housing projects do not really
help uplift the standard of living of common local people. If the project
enhances livelihood of common local people, it is development for me. The
majority of local people do not own a car nor have resources to buy a
property, only a few rich businessmen and privileged government employees
could do it. They account for 10% maximum of the population. The present
so-called Western Development Project is to destroy environment, uproot
ethnic Tibetan culture and smoke out mineral resources of Tibet.

Wish you all success in your new endeavour. "

Gedun Rinchen, October 2002
imprisoned in Tibet in 1996
now living in exile