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Act for Tibet

Act for Tibet is not a membership organisation.  This is about individuals taking action for Tibet - If you go and talk to your MP about Tibet... that is what we do...  We are about individuals taking action. This website exsists as a resource.

Devise your own actions and evaluate them; See Action Evaluation.  Email us with your thoughts on what consitutes effective action. Here are some of ours

Action 1 - The Art of Creative Lobbying. A new approach to Parliament is needed. Why?  If we want to fight terrorism, we are not rewarding the great man of peace for his non-violent policies?  Why isn't every government in the world that wants to find a positive way forward, encouraging China to move towards a genuine autonomy for Tibet?  This makes sense for China and sense for the world.  

We want to reach every single MP in the UK with this message and have a conversation with them. How?  It's easy - See:  The Art of Creative Lobbying.

Background Information

Action 2 - This is a unique experiment in Campaigning on behalf of one specific 'Low Profile' Tibetan prisoner Phuntsok Wangdu has been held for 14 years on 'Suspicion' charges of espionage and splittist activity. No reason has been given to him for his arrest and no details have been provided as to the nature of his alleged charges. He is now 29 years old and is due for release in 2011.

We are writing letters in Chinese to enquire as to the nature of his alleged crimes and to ask for his immediate compassionate release. To join this campaign is it necessary first to find a sympathetic Chinese friend who will help you. Letters written in English rarely (if ever) receive replies.

Click here for The Phuntsok Wangdu Campaign.

Action 3 - Something easy - Buy a book. See The Million Books Project.

Action 4 - Something hard - Want to earn $22,000? There is a reward of more than this sum, which is rising daily, for information leading to finding the Panchen Lama as identified by the Dalai Lama. For more information on The Panchen Lama see 'The Search for the Panchen Lama' on our reading page. For more information on the reward see the website that is offering it...Tashi Lhunpo Monastery But you will certainly need to do Action 5 before you could try this one.

Action 5 -  Have a good friend from mainland China.  Perhaps a visitor to the UK?  No - not to barrage them with your thoughts about Tibet but to learn from them. (And possibly to ask them to translate any letters that you write on behalf of political prisoners in Tibet.)  But  mainly to listen to them and to learn about China. People who write letters on behalf of political prisoners never get replies.. could that be because they are written in English? This may seem a small step but this could make a huge impact. And if letters are written to China in Chinese - we expect that they will receive replies - please let us know.