Stunt to Raise Awareness

To view the ITN TV coverage of the stunt :-

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How You Can Help Contribute

If you want to take effective action for Tibet this website is for you.

We have no offices or paid staff. This is why we need your contributions. The best part is you can give to the cause by doing something you probably do all the time which is shop online.

When you use one of the promo codes links on the homepage through then we will automatically get a percentage of your purchase not from you, but from the retail store you bought from. So say you buy an item from Kohls online using the link for the store and one of its coupon codes then it will still cost you the same amount to buy the item online, just we get a small amount of cash back from that purchase. This is a win win situation for everyone and we are glad it is available.

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Dali Lama Struggle Awareness Campaign

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