UK Government

There are 659 MP's in the UK. England has 529, Scotland 72, Wales 40 and Northern Ireland 18. There are 87 Euro MP's. 71 for England, 8 for Scotland. 5 for Wales and 3 for Northern Ireland.

There are many, many, many more people committed to the genuine autonormy for the people of Tibet

If you are prepared to go and visit either your MP or your Euro MP or both - making use of The Art of Creative Lobbying please email and let us know your name - the name of your MP and any results of your conversation, i.e. any actions that your MP agrees to.

Name & Date MP Conversation

Hannah Cooper

3rd September 2005

Martin Linton



I met Martin discussed rewarding the non violent route a way of dealing with terrorism. I explained that now is the ideal time with HH's 70th birthday, the Uk's presidency of the EU and the 2008 Beijing olympics looming. He said I had a very strong argument. He is a member of the APPGT and has attended some meetings. Martin Linton feels these groups do have a place and can work as long as all parties are represented and not just the opposition.

He said he would formally present my petition to the House of Commons! Martin said he will try to put an oral question forward but this can be harder to do on foreign issues so it may be easier to do a written question.

I gave Martin Linton a 'wind horse' to write a message to the Dali Lama. I then showed him a picture of the Panchen Lama and explained the case. He seemed very interested. I gave him postcards from the Free Tibet Campaign to send to the UN to free the Panchen Lama. He said he would send them. I went away feeling positive and look forward to seeing the results!

Lee Potter


31st July 2005

William Hague



He said he is concered about the issue of Tibet and that he met HH on more than one occassion. He also told me of his meeting with the Chinese president a year or so ago who got quite angry when WH brought up Tibet.

He says that while it is of great concern among our government, there really is nothing that they can do apart from raising the issue at every possible oppertunity. And even then it is most important to keep our relations the China relatively amicable.

I asked him if he would be prepared to join the Cross party group for Tibet, and he showed interest, but then said that 'those sort of groups dont mean very much anyway'

I asked him again as i left if he would look into it and he just said that he would, but wether or not he joined, he would still raise the issue as often as possible, and that he would now be able to say that a constituent of his has expressed concern.

All in all thought he was friendly and genuinely interested, but doesnt feel that there's much we can do. I'll follow the meeting up with a letter in a couple of weeks.

From Act for Tibet: Hi Lee - first of all well done! If everyone just kept going to their MP and being friendly and persistent we would have progress. You don't say whether you managed to establish a link in his mind between Bombs in London and rewarding the Dalai Lama. When our Government sees that China has one of the best solution to the war on terror then the UK and US Governments will go to China for help and China will not feel criticised. Rewarding non-violence is a vital tool (well it's the only positive tool as far as I can see) that we have in the war on terrorism. We have to have a world where people's seek to resove dispute by negotiation. That is what China has the power to demonstrate which is why the UK, the US and Russia need China's help. If the UK Gov doesn't see this then Tibet is just one more issue and they don't have time to deal with it.

Ultimately we are doing what Gandhi called: 'Relationship buiding' so as long as it was a friendly meeting it's a great start. I wish more would follow your example. Do you have ONE friend who could do the same and go and see Mr Hague again and say the same thing in a different way? Love and best wishes and HUGE thanks and congrats... Isabel (s)

Lowri Porter

Monday 30th May 2005

David Cameron MP for Witney. As I travel away a lot I've been discussing Tibet and the attitude of the Foreign Office with David by Email. He has recently agreed, as well as raising the matter with the Foreign Office, to join the All Party Group.

Thomas Greig

Monday 9th April 05

Clive Solely, MP.


Hammersmith and Fulham


Thomas has found out that Clive Soley is to step down at this election so is keeping an eye on who is to go in there - ready to present himself and ask about the new MP's position on Tibet and the Dalai Lama - just in time for the Dalai Lama's 70th Birthday this year.

Isabel Losada

18th December 2004


Martin Linton



Martin Linton agrees to join All Party Group for Tibet... and to raise a debate on HH the DL if possible... Thank you Martin.

This was my 4th visit to Martin Linton. I'm a little wiser now. Still in awe and admiration of my wonderful MP who runs Marathons to raise funds for the local hospice! As I don't run Marathons I reserve the right to admire him unconditionally.

I've given him the whole picture - it's in China's best interests to listen to the TGIE before the 2008 Olympics etc etc. Told him that the UK Gov can mediate as it is not a criticism of China it's an appeal to those within the new generation of Chinese leaders who genuinely want to increase religious freedom etc. China holds one of the most important contributions to the international 'war on terror' by being seen to reward non violence.

Martin has agreed to:

1. look for an opportunity to create a debate about the issue at the next opportunity. (A 'question' is 5 mins... a debate can be 20 mins.) I said 'OK what else?'

2. Join the Cross Party Group on Tibet. (And pay his £5 annual membership!)

3. Send a letter that Anna Peachey devised to Jack Straw (from Martin Linton not from me)

4. Advise on the creation of a letter to Blair or Straw which members could get their own MPs to send.

Please DO ask your MPs to join the All Party Group (even if they don't attend) - Discovered some groups (e.g. The aids group - are so strong that they can afford to employ staff) The Cross Party Group on Tibet however is still weak. So please keep up those visits! x isabel

Carl Franks


14th January 2005

Cheryl Gillan MP


Amersham and Chesham

After preparing a list of topics and ideas I was going to discuss with someone who I assumed would know relatively little on the subject of Tibet, I was rather taken aback and humbled by the fact that Mrs Gillan had actually met the Dalai Lama, had previously confronted China's President on their childbirth and population policies and acted as a leading shadow foreign affairs spokesperson for a number of years in office.
We talked about what should take priority in terms of China's human rights record and aggressive regime. Diplomatic pressure? Even seeking sanctions against China? Demanding reform before the 2008 Olympics? Cheryl spoke of the thin line between too much confrontation (which could lead to China's possible economic and, worse, military repercussions) and turning a blind eye in order to exploit cheap labour and manufacture. I asked if she would consider becoming a member of the all-party Tibet group to which she answered that she may actually already be a member but was unsure. She promised that, if this was not the case, she would become a member but in name only. I tried to establish whether she would consider taking a more active role in the group but this sparked a discussion on her political status quo, the already impossible and stressful workload she suffered and generally the fact that she didn't think there were enough hours in the day to devote her efforts on this issue as well as providing policy on, and debating, the prison service, domestic violence, drug abuse, etc. I conceded that her being a member in name only was nonetheless much better than not being a member at all. I don't think I fully grasped just how overworked these MPs can be!
She also promised that, if I wrote a letter to the Ambassador of the PRC, she would forward it on so that it received more attention than simply a letter from 'Joe Public'. This hasn't been sent yet although I'm hoping for Isabel's help in drafting it. I understand that this offer is unprecedented and may be a worthwhile idea to suggest with other MPs in the future.

 We left amicably and I sent a thank-you card as I had honestly enjoyed our tense, but certainly fruitful, conversation.

From Act for Tibet: This is VERY interesting Carl and yes - her suggestion of this kind of letter is a new suggestion from an MP. Fantastic. Cheryl Gillan is NOT a member (see link to list on this site) and if she does join the All Party Group (even if only in name at first) that is great. I think that the the discussion that you had got diverted from the central issue - which is about rewarding HH and the TGIE before 2008 and for the PRC to realise that it is their best interests to do so. Once world leaders see this as the best way forward in the war on terror they will encourage China to take the talks seriously. Thanks for you phone call too and keep in touch. Fantastic!
PS Interesting that you say 'confronted' China - that is NOT what we are suggesting. It's 'The Art of Creative' talking there too.

Phillida Hayward

18th December 2004

John Heppell MP

Nottingham East

John Heppell MP agrees to join All Party Group on Tibet! Well done Phillida - thank you John!

He was late with Xmas traffic, and I was the first person at his surgery, so he arrived flustered and apologetic.  I had been asked in advance to say what my visit was about.   I asked him about the Government's stance on Peace and how could we both go forward with the issues about Tibet and China, linking with the whole issue of war on terror.  He said he wasn't very well up on these issues at all and said he would find out more about them, and he promised to write to Jack Straw and let me know. 

He seemed daunted about the prospect of Tibet issues ever reaching the top of the heap in the UK, given that Iraq and Palestine seemed to be prime topics over and above all the other issues which affect our own country.  Blah Blah! 
I asked him if he would sign an EDM and he said he couldn't because he was a Government Whip, and therefore not allowed.  He gave me a talk about EDMs and said there were hundreds of them every day and nobody took any notice of them anyway.  That they were like petitions which just got lost in the system. (Please take note Free Tibet Campaign and Tibet Society! Act for Tibet)
John said he remembered as a child HH the Dalai Lama being exiled, but was honest in his lack of full understanding, I said that the approach I was thinking of was the government increasing dialogue with the Chinese, and particularly at this time with the Olympics coming up (touched on this 2 or 3 times in the interview).  He did say that the issues would come up as the G8 summit was due next year and there would be a concentration of interest here.
I gave him a large photo of HH and said if either of us were found in possession of this picture in Tibet we would be arrested, and although he did not say anything, I felt there was a definite pause for thought.  I also showed him a picture of my own spiritual teacher (a Tibetan Lama who came over from Tibet with HH in 1959 and now living in Cambridge) as he showed an interest in Buddhism.  John said he felt this was a very good religion and that he often thought that he would like to know more about it.
It was an amicable meeting, and I certainly think it dusted the cobwebs off the Tibet issue for him, and I felt pleased that the meeting has paved the way for nyone else here in Nottingham to follow on.  He did say he has only one other lady who sometimes comes to him with international issues, so come on Nottingham!!!
I enjoyed the visit and was glad that I had done something I had not done before, and hopefully sow some seeds. 

Anna Peachey

27th November 2004

Anthony Steen


18th January 2005

Anthony Steen attends the All Party Group for Tibet for the first time.

2nd December 2004

Another man of his word. Anthony Steen tables question - here :

Mr Anthony Steen (Totnes): To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, what recent representations he has made to the Chinese Government over their treatment of the people of Tibet, with particular regard to the death sentence on Tenzin Deleg Rinpoche; and if he will make a statement.

Anthony Steen joins Cross Party Group for Tibet... Well done Anna Peachey! Thank you Anthony Steen MP.

Anthony Steen was charming and welcoming.  I asked him how aware he was of the Tibet issue and he said very, as he is already a member of the APPG on China. He says that they raise Tibet as their first question at every meeting with the Chinese (and always get the same answer).  He said that there isn't much the British Govt can do as China considers us inconsequential and only takes notice of America, so I put the argument of non-violent dialogue as a solution to the war on terror and asked if he had ever considered the parallels with the middle eastern conflict, and made the point about the Beijing Olympics being a great opportunity for the UK to lead the way as mediator between China and HH. I asked if he would join the APPG on Tibet, which he said he would.  I asked if he would sign EDMs but he explained that there are currently about 2000 in circulation with little chance of ever getting aired and so on principle he doesn't sign any at all.  I asked what I could do and he suggested writing to the Chairman of the APPG Tibet and offering to go and address them, which I will do (watch this space).  He said, also reasonably enough, that although he was thinking of nothing but Tibet for the 20 mins I was with him he does have a lot of other calls on his time and asked me to remind him every so often of what he could be doing, & issues he could raise.  I said that there's one right now - Tenzin Deleg Rinpoche - explained the situation and he said he would table a question for Parliament on Monday*Finally, I said that it would be nice to receive a letter about the Tibet issue that wasn't the standard mailout from Bill Rammel.  Anthony said that Bill is a friend of his so will talk to him. Also suggested Hilary Benn would be good for potential action so he will also talk to him.  I left delighted that to have seen such a great example of democracy in action!

If anyone else in the constituency (or indeed any other consituency) would like to email me please do, just take the NOSPAM bit out of the address.
* http://www.parliament.uk/works/account.cfm#acques - I looked this up, it means he will be either writing or asking a question to which he is guaranteed to receive an answer

Jayne Harnett

23rd November...

Fabian Hamilton MP


Leeds North East

Fabian Hamilton joins Cross Party Group for Tibet... Well done Jayne Harnett! Thank you Fabian Hamilton MP.


4th October 2004. I visited Fabian Hamilton - to ask him
about his views on Tibet and support of non-violence as an important part of the war against terrorism.  He is a member of the foreign affairs committee, interested, and very supportive of the non-violence stance.
As he was leaving for a visit to the Middle East this week, he was keen to tell me all about that - I kept steering the discussion back to Tibet.

He said he would join the cross party group on Tibet and would write to Jack Straw to ask what, if anything, the UK government is doning to bring the issue of human rights abuses in Tibet to the fore and what discussions are taking place with China.   He also said if the Labour government were re-elected and he held his seat, he would try to forward discussion of the Tibet issue at the UN.  Apparently his foreign affairs committee has an opportunity to meet with Kofi Annan in New York once a year.

I have followed up the meeting with a card depicting a Tibetan Buddha, re-iterating some of my questions.  I am also trying to get a Chinese colleague to help the campaign for Phuntsok by translating a letter into Chinese.

23rd November 2004

I have just received a follow-up letter from Fabian Hamilton together with a copy of a letter to him from Bill Rammell (Minister with responsibilities for relations with China).  Bill Rammell said he raised the issue of Tibet with Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Yesui during his visit to China in July.
He also said Tibet was discussed in May when Premier Wen Jiabao visited Tony Blair, and also that Tibet-related issued were discussed between Jack Straw and Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing during the same visit.  He did not expand
on what issues exactly were discussed, but said 'we have made clear to the Chinese authorities our view that a long-term, peaceful solution to the Tibet issue can be found only through dialogue and continue to urge them to
engage in dialogue with the Dalai Lama.'  Bill Rammell concluded the letter by saying the UK government and our EU partners have welcomed visits to China by representatives of the Dali Lama and that 'We shall continue to take every opportunity to raise our concerns about the human rights
situation in Tibet with the Chinese.' 

From Act for Tibet : Yup - this is the standard letter the foreign office sends out... does anyone have one that says something different?! lol. They are sending them out a lot at the moment.

Amazing work Jayne - do ask Fabian his views on the cross party group won't you? We have asked The Office of Tibet to write and thank him. x

Lela McTernan


12th November 2004.

Valerie Davey


Bristol West

Follow up 1/12/2004
I have recieved a follow up letter from Valerie. She says she has written to Bill Rammell and will contact me when he repiles. He must be getting quite a few letters about Tibet at the moment!!
Valerie Davey has been a member of Amnesty for 30yrs. She is extremely concerned about Uganda and Afghanistan.

She said that at the moment the goverment is focused on Palestine but thanked me bringing up Tibet.
Ms Davey signs all EDM's concering Tibet.
She was interesting and encouraging in our 15min slot and without prompting answered my question of how we can support the Dalai Lama. Ms Davey said she would write to Bill Rammell and suggest that Britian put pressure on the Chinese goverment re Tibetan Government talks in the run up to the Beijing Olympics. She said that if she wrote to Bill Rammell personally she hoped she wouldn't get sent the standard reply letter from the foreign office.
We had a good meeting and I look forward to meeting her again to disscuss our progress.  I trust she will represent my views in parliment, and feel it was a positive and valuable meeting and the beginning of a friendship.
Shona Thomson
6th Noveber

Frank Doran


Aberdeen Central.

There is a government policy on Tibet but he didn't know what it was. He asked me to write a letter giving my concerns and he would write to the Foreign Secretary asking for current policy. He was pretty clued up and human rights are a passion of his. He has been visited before on Tibet and welcomes being lobbied on such issues. He is patron of a small, very active local group campaigning on behalf of East Timor and spoke with much enthusiasm of their work. He would sign any EDM's but he was running late so I didn't get to ask about the CPG. I will do this in my letter. I didn't need to ask for advice; he told me to form a local group and make lots of noise.

Lee Potter

28th October

William Hague MP

North Yorkshire


i've recently become very interested in the Tibetan problem and have been researching how to make the most impact.  your website is by far the most proactive and beneficial n my opinion, due to your encouragement to go out
there and do something about the problem, which is exactly how i'd lke to help. i dont really want to just donate a set sum of money every month, while i know that its neccessary, i'd find it much more rewarding to give time, effort and patience to the cause and get to know people involved. I've been in touch with William Hague's office at the House of Commons and I'm waiting to see if I get an appointment.

From Act for Tibet: Hi Lee - thanks for the positive feedback... If you are a constituent your have to a right to see him at his surgery. Avoid, if you can, getting drawn into a correspondance about the history of Tibet.. the point, of course if that supporting HH is the most logical way to fight terror. The opposition could have fun pointing this out if they see the opportunity... it's so logical! But if you look below you'll see that it doesn't seem to have occured to them. Don't forget, when you chat to William (!) that it's about building relationships as Gandhi would have told us... enjoy and get back to us with the results please.

Tony Romeo
28th October 2004

Sir Brian Mawhinney MP


-Peterborough (ex Tory Party
Chairman, ex Northern Ireland Secretary, ex Shadow Home Secretary)

Although I had written and he had responded, when I reminded him he said he had no idea what I was talking about and knew very little about the Tibet situation. I'd come prepared so told him what is going on. He held his head in hands and gave me a slightly bemused look - So I asked him the question, "given the current circumstances with the war on terror . . . reward HH for non violent stance . . . " and so on. More head holding; he told me that I need to understand most western governments constantly put pressure on China behind the scenes about their human
rights record in this was bound to include Tibet - that there are no easy answers - etc etc... As I'm sure you can appreciate, I realised that despite telling me he was very sympathetic to this situation, he thought that this no worse than anything else that goes on in the world and there isn't really much we can do about it.

I changed tack and asked him what he thought he/I/we could do, not necessarily to change it but to bring about a wider awareness. Would he sign an early day motion? More head holding. More valuable lessons about the workings of modern politics. He told how much time foreign policy gets on the floor of the house. Roughly 10%. This time is usually spent discussing 'pressing' matters apparently, like the EU and the war on terror. I linked it back to the war on terror - China setting the example by opening talks based on peace etc. but he wasn't having it.

He said that he doesn't recall this issue being raised at any
point in his 25 years as an MP. He wasn't a member of the cross party commitee and made it clear he wasn't interested in becoming one.

At this point I was not a happy bunny. Not annoyed or anything like that, he just made me feel a bit silly. Then he redeemed himself. A bit. He explained that as he saw it this was a great and worthy cause, etc etc... So his message was that he really didn't know what to say, I was the first person ever to bring this up with him and that all that could be done was being done behind the scenes, but not to give up. He recommended that I seek out others who share the same philosophy, that there would be strength in numbers and we would be able to achieve something as a group.

This was a lot better, not exactly what I gone there for, but he seemed at least to be listening. Happiness. Then he suggested driving an ambulance to Tibet and donating it to the people(!?!).

I had been nice the whole way through, smiled lots and agreed with lots his points but I don't think he took me
seriously. He promised to forward the replies of the Foreign Secretary and Shadow Foreign Secretary as soon as he
received them, then he showed me out. From Act for Tibet : Amazing isn't it that no-one has ever raised this with him before? And that he sees no link between Tibet and the War on Terror? Well done for holding your smile on this one! Fantastic patience shown!
Anyone else in Peterborough - I think he needs a second visit - Tibet supporters seem to have 25 years to make up for! Well done Tony!

Dorothea Arndt

Tuesday 19th October

Michael Portillo MP


Meeting Michael Portillo was a genuine pleasure. I have never met a seniour politician before and it was much easier and more enjoyable than I expected.

I  read him  a short version of the the experience of the Tibetan girl that you met who was imprisoned when she was 19, outlined in your book For Tibet with Love.

I also made him aware that what is happening in Tibet has been formally defined by an international group of lawyers as genocide under the UN's Geneva convention 's definition of genocide.  I then asked him whether he thought this was a cause worthy of support, to which he said yes;
I then said that one of the things the Tibetan cause s missing is publicity so it would be great to see him write about this. He suggested that he will try and write about it in his Sunday Times column. He has since mentioned the Tibetan case in his column in the Sunday Times, which is excellent! A man of his word.
see: here
A great way to follow up would be to check on Google News using this URL
(here) and if you don't see anything more from him, to remind me to give him a gentle chivvy.

Also, if you remind me, I will follow up on his joining the all parliamentary committee, although since he is getting out of politics this may not be much help.
From Act for Tibet: Fantastic Dorothea... you have laid the best possible foundations for the next person visiting. He hasn't quite used the Tibet issue in the way that we would want (he isn't following our policy of positive action of course!) but it's fantastic that this issue has been raised - yet again... Maybe he could call in on the All party group and kick them before he leaves? Amazing work you...
Who is next?

Nancy Gardner

1st October

Mrs Anne McGuire MP



Seemingly, she was a history teacher in a previous life and told me all about China from the 15th century to present day.  She said she would find out what the government’s position is and let me know. I had three books with me - one was Tibet with Love, she chose Sorrow Mountain. She said she would read it and get in touch with me.

I said I wanted to find out what she being “my” MP and the government could do also what I could do.  She said the Dalai Lama was a frequent visitor to the UK and had discussions recently – I didn’t think he spoke with the Government?!

I am also speaking to the SNP....
From Act for Tibet: This is funny isn't it Nancy? You are quite right - The Dalai Lama is not a 'frequent visitor' and at present there are no plans for him to visit the UK again. And yes - as you correctly say Blair didn't meet him. She obviously is not connecting supporting him as the leading advocate of non-violence with countering terror. The history she knows is not part of the solution. We are talking about what is possible- so it was very patient of you to sit through a history lesson. It's interesting that she has said that she'll let you know what the British Government's position is. This will be one more person asking this question. I'd read a bit / talk to the Scottish Tibet Group and then go back with a big smile! And say 'So - how are we doing?!' Enjoy!

Simon Gould
(Former Director of The Tibet Vigil)

25th September 2004

Neil Gerrard, MP

Nei Gerrard is on the Labour Party Middle East Council. He was on a delegation to Palestine. I asked him about his position on Tibet and whether he would support lobbying the Government to urge China to hurry up negotiating with the Dalai's reps.He replied that the occupation had taken place such a long time ago, over half a century,that he thinks theres precious little the UK gov could do, and moreover its not really worth doing anyway given what little influence the UK has over China. However he also offered the opinion that he was disappointed that Tony Blair had refused to meet the Dalai Lama at Downing Street earlier this year. "At least the Government could do the little it can " he said.
From Act for Tibet: This is great start. It sounds as if - like so many MPs he has not made the link between fighting a war on terror by supporting non-violence. Your MP sounds like us all - thinking that the little we can do won't make a difference. Chinese put a lot of faith in relationships and personal contacts and those in our government who can talk to them need to do so. The question is how do we make our government see this? And the solution is still the same -as we are doing. With Joyful persistence - one MP at a time. Who is going to see Neil Gerrard next?!
J. Hyde
4th September

Don Foster MP


We discussed peace and various related issues in the meeting. He was helpful and supportive: he didn't know the Lib-Dem party line on Tibet, but knows
that they support the Dalai Lama, and met with him during his last visit. He said that if I wanted particular questions asked in the House of
Commons, or to sign particular motions, he would be happy to help, but that he wasn't going to join the cross-party group on Tibet due to other commitments.

I think that he is sympathetic and supportive of the underlying issues, and would help in a particular campaign, but due to his existing commitments is
unwilling to take the initiative on any action. He does a lot of work with regards to human rights and poverty already, and I feel sure that he would support any further action on my part.

I gave him a copy of a small book by the Dalai Lama about Peace and he thanked me for it. He sent me a follow-up letter which
arrived last week, thanking me for my visit and the book, and saying that he was pleased that we shared very similar views.

I am planning on keeping in contact with him once I have decided on my next

From Act for Tibet - for the next person who goes to see him! Actually joining the All Party Group is always an option even if he doesn't attend meetings - many MP's don't - but adding his name to the list is something that he could do to support HH's path without it taking up his time...

Amanda Dunn

27 August 2004.

Graham Brady MP


Trafford Metropolitan Borough - Manchester.

I was asked the reason for my visit when making the appointment and so wasn't  surprised that he (or someone else) had done his homework and opened our meeting with a comprehensive summary of the issues facing Tibet This rendered my careful preparation largely useless (although I still gave him the photo of the Dalai Lama which made him smile (of course!))!
He even said that he'd been a member the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tibet since becoming an MP 7 years ago.
But I had done my homework too (with your help!) and had visited the House of Commons website earlier that day to check the current status of the group. Consequently I was (gently!) able to point out that he isn't actually listed as a current member. He agreed wholeheartedly to contact John Wilkinson the Chair to ask for his membership to be renewed.
His general attitude to the solution to Tibet's problems was of the 'China are a superpower and we really just have to wait for then to see sense' school. Even so, I understand him to be an active MP on other topics. Consequently I have since written to him thanking him for our meeting and his commitment to rejoin the Group.  (I have added several other questions which he will forward to the Foreign Office.)
He was very welcoming and interested to discuss something other than the usual day to day issues (as you predicted) so I am determined that something positive will come out of this.
I will let you know how I get on and you can be assured that more visits (to Mr Brady or indeed other local MP/MEP's) will follow until I feel that I have pursued this to its limit!

Natania Goldrich

(Jewish Residents' Association)

23rd July



Andrew Lansley CBE MP

Cambridge South



Mr Lansley explained that “China plays a large part in international affairs” and used this as justification that it was “not in the world’s interest” to keep them in isolation. Mr Lansley was one of a Trade Delegation that visited China in June 2002. I argued that these explanations did not fully awaken the Chinese to their unacceptable treatment of Tibetans. We discussed these matters at some length.

On the issue of the forthcoming visit of the PLA to the Edinburgh Tattoo, he responded very favourably, explaining that one other person that day had attended his surgery about this issue. He said that he would “Speak to Mr Hoon” shortly on the matter and that it was an issue that he understood was of concern.


I concluded the meeting by handing Mr Lansley a copy of “Freedom in Exile.” He promised to read it.


I will shortly be writing to Mr Lansley to follow up my meeting with him, and discover the result of his discussions with Mr Hoon.

Helen Du' Mont

17th July 2004

James Plaskett MP

Leamington Spa



"Finally.... I asked what exactly he could do for me and he has promised to talk to colleagues in Parliament about the situation and to find out what, if anything, specific is going on. He will get back to me.
All in all it was quite a friendly meeting and were I talking to him as Joe Bloggs and not as James Plaskitt MP, I'm certain he would be more proactive on this and other HR issues."

Said he had never heard of a cross party group for Tibet! Well he has now...

Full details of Helen's visit are on the noticeboard of this site.

Mark Elton

July 2004

Jane Griffiths MP

Reading East


Mark wrote to Jane in advance of the visit and recieved a document outlining the Foreign office policy for him to read. Mark intends to follow this exchange of letter with a visit. We await further details.


June 2004


David Hanson MP

Delyn (North Wales)

David Hanson was very interested to be visited on this subject, so much so that he invited me to attend a second meeting at the House of Commons. He was unaware that a cross party group for Tibet existed and as a result of my meeting with him I was able to invite Tibet House to send him an invitation to the group. If I organise anything in North Wales to support Tibet he has said he'll be happy to attend. I plan to visit him again.